Sipping at Stratus

As I mentioned in my last post, the summer has flown by. And honestly, the weather has not been stellar this year. Whenever this happens, I comfort myself that perhaps we will have a warmer autumn. But this last week or so has been a bit better – glorious sunshine and lots of heat. Can we hang on to summer for awhile longer? Please?

In spite of the busy-ness at the B&B, which has consumed most of my time, I have been able to get out for some rambling around this gorgeous region. You will note that my ramblings seem to have revolved around vineyards. What can I say. One of the hazards benefits of living in Ontario Wine Country.

First stop, Stratus.


Oh, Stratus, how I love thee. The building is gorgeous, the wines are fabulous, and they are, oh, about a two-minute drive from Highbrook.  But if you are looking for wine descriptions and tasting notes from me, I’m afraid you are out of luck. I am not good at wine description…anything beyond “Yummy!” and “Delicious!” and I am a bit stumped. Perhaps I am taste-challenged, but I cannot drink a wine and taste “Wet cement on a hot day in July with undertones of melon and goat “. (No offense to hard-working wine critics, but really, you know what I mean).

However, I know what I like. And boy Stratus, I really, really like you.

Just look at this tasting room.


And wine shop



And the outdoor seating overlooking the vineyards.


Sleek, contemporary, and emphasizing the natural beauty of the vineyard. I wanted to sit in this spot with a glass of wine and while away the afternoon. But first, I needed wine.

So I sashayed up to the tasting bar with other wine-lovers, eager to sip and swirl


And if I wasn’t so wine-description-challenged, I would be able to describe adequately just how fantastic their wines are. It wasn’t enough just to taste, I had to add some Stratus wine to my cellar. Since moving to Niagara, I have built up a nice little wine cellar for myself.  Ken (bless him) even had a custom wine rack built and installed for me. This is real love.

So, some Stratus wine had to be added to the collection.  After all, my birthday was coming up.

I would have liked to bring this one home too.


But decided to rein myself in. We were coming back in a few days for the Launch Party of the Niagara Jazz Festival. Wine, jazz, and the natural beauty of the Niagara region….what an amazing combination!

Stratus is open year round, and they offer guided tours, tastings and special events. Be sure to stop in on your next visit to Niagara.