The Niagarafied Weekend – Mardi Gras at Reif

I’m starting a new series here. I’m calling it The Niagarafied Weekend.

Lots of you have mentioned that you’d like ideas for things to do around the region – specifically on weekends. Your wish is my command. Every Thursday, I’ll be featuring something that you can get out and do this weekend. Some of these posts will be time specific – ie: that event may only be happening that particular weekend, so you better make sure you go. Some won’t be time specific, so I’m hoping that as the series builds you will eventually have a roster of weekend ideas you can refer to.

There is SO much to do in the region, and I’m excited to share this new series with you. So check back every Thursday, and get some ideas for your weekend fun and frolic.

My first in this series is time specific, happening this weekend. So, as I said, make sure you go!

It’s Mardi Gras at Reif Estate Winery.


The event also ran last weekend, so that’s how come I’ve got all these pics already. This is the third year Reif has been holding this, and it’s a great party.

The staff really get into their roles.


Well, and some of the attendees do too. I wonder who that strange person in the pink is, in the shot below?


The New Orleans Jazz got our toes tapping, and added to the festive atmosphere. And the food?


Scrumptious. All prepared by Tide & Vine. Except for the King’s Cake, which was specially made for Reif by The Pie Plate.


In total, there are five pairings of Southern Cuisine, matched with the ever-so-drinkable wines from Reif. You will be given three tokens when you arrive, and you exchange a token for the sample you would like. Did I mention these three samples are complimentary?


The five courses you can choose from are:

Chicken Gumbo with 2015 Kerner Nouveau
Andouille Sausage & 2013 Empress Chardonnay
Cajun Catfish & 2012 Vidal
Dirty Rice and Beans & 2015 Gamay Nouveau
Kings Cake & 2013 Select Late Harvest Vidal


But here’s the thing. As if there wasn’t enough to celebrate, during Mardi Gras at Reif, the Kerner Nouveau, Empress Chardonnay, Vidal, and Gamay Nouveau are being sold for $8.95 a bottle. Wow.

That is not a typo – $8.95. Stock up for summer afternoons on the patio.

And the Select Late Harvest Vidal? That’s being sold for $13.95 a bottle.

Make sure the trunk of your car is empty. You’ll need room for all those cases.


Have no fear, though. If you can’t make it this weekend to replenish your wine stash, mark the following dates down. From April 21st to 24th, Reif will be holding their Annual White Sale. It’s a fantastic opportunity to stock up on delicious summer sippers at reduced prices. I’ve been going to their Red Sale every year – it’s held in October – and I got some Merlot that is usually $19.15, for $9.95 a bottle. So you can see what kind of great prices we’re talking about! I’ll be making sure I get to the White Sale this year too.

IMG_2993 IMG_2938 IMG_2989

It’s a fun way to spend the afternoon, and will be held Saturday and Sunday (March 19th & 20th) from 12-4 pm. If you are a member of the Reifstyle (Gold) Wine Club, you can get in a bit earlier, at 11 am.

Let me know if you go!

I hope you’ll enjoy the new Niagarafied Weekend Series. If you have any suggestions for places or events to feature, please let me know!