Backstage with Something-Something Productions

Don’t you ever wish you could take a sneak peek at what someone else is doing?

Oh, come on. Of course you do.

I think most of us are curious about what other people are up to. It’s one of the reasons I read blogs, for example. It’s one of the reasons I like social media too. All of these platforms can be used to give us information, but that can become a tad boring after awhile.  What I love most is when I get to know something about the person behind the tweets or the posts. A little glimpse of what their life is really like. Getting a chance to go “behind the scenes” with them.

Last week, I got a dose of that. I got a behind the scenes look at what goes on in a vibrant local community theatre group here in Niagara – Something-Something Productions.


Something-Something Productions was created back in 2011 by Dina Mavridis and Rob Burke, two local Niagara folks. Their first production of The Rocky Horror Show premiered on April 13th, 2012 and ran for 5 months with 56 performances. Since then, they have produced & presented 20 shows and events. Just think about that. Twenty shows and events in only four years. Isn’t that amazing?

What makes it even more amazing is that these two dedicated, talented people aren’t producing theatre full time – well, yet, anyway. In addition to all the hard work they do for SSP, they also have full-time jobs and are raising a beautiful boy together. Yes, Dina and Rob are partners in life as well as the theatre.


As this is supposed to be a real behind-the-scenes post, there aren’t a lot of posed pics. I wanted to give you a feel for what it’s like to be at a rehearsal. In the shot above, Dina and Rob are chatting with me for some short clips for Twitter and Instagram. We squeezed that in while waiting for rehearsal to start.

It’s so obvious that Dina and Rob are passionate about the arts, and the role of the arts in the community. They were such fun to work with for these clips.

They took it all in stride when this blogger kept messing up the filming. I’m a writer not a filmmaker. That’s my flimsy excuse, anyway.

While we were filming, you could hear the actors talking and laughing amongst themselves. I love the buzz that happens when a group of performers gather to rehearse. I have a background in dance and music theatre myself, so this brings back a lot of happy memories for me too.

IMG_0399 IMG_0406 IMG_0324 IMG_0392IMG_0375

The cast and crew are currently in rehearsal for Little Shop of Horrors.

Do you remember Little Shop of Horrors? If not, watch this clip, and I’m sure you will.

I got to meet two of the show’s stars – Audrey II, who is a very hungry plant –  and Dalton Bolton, who plays Seymour, the main character.

IMG_0362 IMG_0382 IMG_0388

Then rehearsal got underway. The cast began with a sing through for the scene they were working on.

IMG_0476 IMG_0444 IMG_0432 IMG_0371

The Director, Brian Vogt, began blocking the scene.

IMG_0498 IMG_0505 IMG_0509

Even though they were working hard, it was obvious that the cast is enjoying the show, and each other.


I think it’s going to be a good production. And a lot of fun too.


Rob and Dina have told me, “The goal of Something-Something Productions is to bring new ideas to Niagara – shows that other companies are afraid of, and yet are fan favourites. We also hope to one day produce shows that run daily, so we can offer full-time employment to the talented and hard-working individuals from the region.”


But there’s even more that SSP is doing here in Niagara. In addition to producing Little Shop, they have a non-profit organization, the Playhouse Theatre Group. PTG focuses on the educational aspects of theatre for both children and adults, and offers a bunch of classes, events, and children’s theatre productions.


I’m looking forward to seeing just what they come up with next.


I’ll tell you though, I’ve had all the songs from Little Shop running through my brain since I attended the rehearsal. Especially “Feed Me”.

Of course, when a song goes through my head all the time I must share it with others. So everyone, you must pity my poor Ken.

Little Shop of Horrors will be performed at the Corks Playhouse Theatre, Fridays and Saturdays during the month of September. You can purchase your tickets by clicking here on this link.

It’s such a fun show, and I’m really looking forward to SSP’s interpretation of it.

**Disclosure: Ken and I have been proud sponsors of Something-Something Productions for over a year now, and will continue to be because we think what they do is awesome. Let’s all keep supporting our fantastic local artists!**