The Strawberry Festival

Part of me has always wondered what it would be like to live in a place like Mayberry.

You remember Mayberry, don’t you? That idyllic, beautiful, friendly small town immortalized in The Andy Griffith Show?

Well, I kind of got a glimpse of that the other day at the Strawberry Festival. It seemed the whole town – from small children to grandparents and all ages in between – was out to have their fill of delicious, local strawberries. The weather was gorgeous. The setting – on the grounds of St. Andrew’s – was perfect. Everyone was greeting friends, playing with their kids, helping Grandma find a place to sit in the shade.

Mayberry lives.

Really, it was such a lovely community event.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church has been organizing the festival for over thirty years, and they do a marvelous job. There were lots of fresh berries, jams, and baked goods for sale. There was a stage with local singers, musicians and dancers performing all day. There were children’s activities. Tours of their beautiful, historic church. Books, plants and other items to buy. When you had enough activity there was plenty of seating to enjoy a strawberry tart, crepe, a hamburger, or corn on the cob.

Ken was happy about the hamburger. My Mom was happy for the strawberry tart. I was happy to be out in my beautiful town, enjoying the sunshine, community, and fresh berries. Oh, and people-watching too.

But enough of my blabbering. I think the pictures will give you more of a feel for how charming this event was.

IMG_9002 IMG_9006IMG_9023 IMG_9036 IMG_9047 IMG_9041 IMG_9123IMG_9081

The fragrant aroma from the strawberry stand was AMAZING.

IMG_9084 IMG_9090 IMG_9091 IMG_9096

And I really wanted to take home some of these Minion cupcakes. Aren’t they great?

IMG_9114 IMG_9116 IMG_9120

This gentleman’s strawberry headband was envied by many.

IMG_9125 IMG_9132

My sweet Mummy.

IMG_9183 IMG_9186 IMG_9143

Beautiful St. Andrew’s. I didn’t get to take a tour, but was able to see inside the building, finally.

IMG_9171 IMG_9140IMG_9154 IMG_9161

And of course, what did I do with my stash of berries?

Why, hurry home and make a cocktail, of course.

IMG_9197 IMG_9202 IMG_9208

But that’s probably what you expected from me, right?

Personally, I think it’s a fantastic way to use local strawberries.

If you missed the Strawberry Festival, don’t worry! We have a Peach Festival and a Cherry Festival coming up this summer. I think one of them even includes a parade.

Take that, Mayberry.