Spring at the Floral Showhouse

All right winter, enough.

Today is April 4th. Like some kind of delayed April Fools joke, Mother Nature decided to give us a generous dose of snow and ice.

Not very funny.

So, how did I spend this day? I decided not to venture out at all. I caught up on a bunch of work, and I achieved two small culinary victories – I actually made a homemade soup for lunch, and I’m roasting a chicken for dinner. Not just roasting a chicken though. Think mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables. Maybe I’ll even spring for a cheese sauce for my cauliflower.

Cooking like this – all in one day –  is a major achievement for me.

So perhaps the odd snow day isn’t so bad after all. We do know that the end of winter is in sight, and I got to work on this blog post gazing at these lovely spring photos. You can gaze at them too – all from my recent visit to the Easter Display at the Floral Showhouse.

So let’s all think Spring.


This was my second visit to the Floral Showhouse. As you might remember from this post, it wasn’t really a place that I would have gone to in the past. I’m a horrid gardener, plants die if I am responsible for them, so walking around a bunch of flowers didn’t interest me before. Though I most definitely appreciate the beauty of nature, I just thought it wouldn’t be “my thing”. But I really like going for several reasons.

To begin with, it’s such a peaceful place.


Surrounded by beautiful plants and floral displays, it just feels lush. Adding to the tranquility, you can hear birds chirping, and the day I was there they had soothing classical music playing in the background.

IMG_4970 IMG_4966 IMG_4968

I’m a colour freak, and it’s incredible to see such a dazzling array of colours in nature.

Ken took a series of photos singling out some of the vibrant tones.

IMG_4944 IMG_4963 IMG_4954 IMG_4961 IMG_4923 20160327_150502IMG_4932

And then some showing the various shades and hues all together

20160327_150047 IMG_4914 IMG_4921 IMG_4924

The light in the Floral Showhouse is wonderful to play with for photos too

IMG_4911IMG_4916 IMG_4918 20160327_150408_HDR 20160327_150853_HDR IMG_4937 20160327_150610

Of course, the main statue is always a big draw.

Usually, there are people around – all taking pictures, wanting to get that perfect people-less shot.


So, very patiently we waited. If you know me, then you know that patience is definitely not one of my virtues.

But we were rewarded.


For one very brief second, no one was in our shot. Except the statue, flowers and the play of light.

Until the inevitable stride by occurred again.


But of course it would. It’s such a beautiful spot, everyone wants to soak it in.

So we ventured over to the main Easter display, the cross made of lilies.

IMG_4900 20160327_150142_HDR

And then I spent some time chatting with these adorable chicks. Aren’t they just precious?


Now, the little black chick and I had a very special connection. As I was chatting to him in my very best “Dog Voice” (dog lovers, you know the voice I’m talking about), he came right over my way.

I told Ken “See??? He’s responding to me! Isn’t that adorable?”

He gave me the classic “I-think-Jo’s-nuts” look. But, alas, he doesn’t believe in the power of “Dog Voice”.

And I do.

So I decided to try it on the bunnies.


But they weren’t too interested. Napping was way more important than crazy lady talking in “Dog Voice”.


Hey, I can relate. Naps are pretty high on my priority list too.

We then took a quick look outside. You can still see downtown Niagara Falls through the bare trees. When the trees are in leaf, I imagine this view will be obscured.


But I’m all for leafy trees. I think it will be a pretty spot in the summer.

You still have a few more days to catch the Easter Display at the Floral Showhouse. But if you can’t make it by then, not to worry. They have beautiful displays year round, and it looks like the next one is the Hydrangea Show.

Grab your camera, and prepare for a peaceful time out. For awhile, you may even forget that winter still has us in its grasp.