Autumn in Niagara

I can’t decide which season I like best in Niagara.

Spring is utterly magical. Summer is glorious and this year was beautifully hot. Fall? Well, Fall is breathtaking. It just may be my favourite season.

You will notice that I did not mention winter. Sorry folks, I am no fan of Canadian winters – and trust me, I’ve tried. So when I see all this autumn beauty, I try to save up the memories for those blustery days ahead.

Here’s a glimpse of my October in Niagara.

For the last two years, I have ventured out to a pumpkin patch.IMG_3697 IMG_3704 IMG_3712 IMG_3716 IMG_3721 IMG_3724 IMG_3726

The real purpose of this pumpkin patch journey is to pick up supplies for fall decor at Highbrook. Now maybe it’s just me, but isn’t this fall decor stuff rather new? When I was a kid you may have put out a jack-o-lantern or two, but that’s about it. Now it’s bales of hay, corn stalks, pumpkins of every size, shape and colour, scarecrows – you name it.

I like it though.

Here’s my stash.


And here it is, crammed into my car. This required a trip to the auto detail afterwards. Have you ever transported hay in your car? It gets everywhere. I mean everywhere.


Ken and I then began the craft-ish side of putting this all together. This is a task that is much easier for Ken. He is the Martha Stewart clone in this couple.

This is the result.

IMG_3757 IMG_3773 IMG_3785 IMG_3789 IMG_3786

This sort of decor scenario is not without its drawbacks, however. One of the corn stalks kept sliding around the pillar, no matter how tightly we tied it. My Indian Corn has also provided a source of nourishment for the chipmunks. I came out a couple days later to find it all picked clean. I should have known better. Next time I will attach it to the corn stalks, higher up.

They can’t make off with my pumpkins though. A bit too large for a chipmunk.

But all my home decor, crafty skills absolutely pale in comparison to the natural beauty of Niagara right now.

We drove up to the lookout point, near Brock’s monument. You can see down the river, and across to the USA. Always a stunning view.

IMG_3917 IMG_3920

My photo editing skills are non-existent. So when you see my pictures here, they are not touched up in anyway. Look at the blue of the Niagara River! No touch-ups, just gorgeous natural blue-ness.


Brock’s Monument.


Then we stopped at Queenston. I have always loved Queenston, it really feels to me like you are right back in 1812.

Of course, one very important lady lived in Queenston – Laura Secord. During the War of 1812, she set out from this house for her famous 20 mile walk to inform the British of an impending American attack.

IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939IMG_3945

More colour, colour, colour.

IMG_3959 IMG_3965 IMG_3968

The gates to Willowbank.


I love, love, love Willowbank. There is something very special about it. Go and visit, you will know what I mean.

IMG_3987 IMG_3991

In my next life, I want to be the lady of a manor like Willowbank. Just so you know.

IMG_4005 IMG_4006

The colours looking up the Escarpment were so pretty.

IMG_4016 IMG_4020

Back across to the American side of the River.

IMG_4027 IMG_4028

Absolutely beautiful.

Fall is such a short season, which makes it even more special. I’m glad I’ve stored up a lot of pictures and memories for when those January days arrive.

What have you been doing this month?

  • Nancy

    Fantastic blog and stunning pictures! I can’t really say what I’ve been doing all month – it went by in a blur but I thoroughly loved the fall colours!

    • Thanks Nancy! This month did go by so fast….but I always think October goes quickly anyway. Such a beautiful month!