Sunday Brunch at The Good Earth

Going out for brunch is kind of a big deal for us.

It’s such a special treat, as we don’t get to do it very often. When you spend seven months of the year running a B&B in a popular tourist town, opportunities to go out for brunch are rare.

All hope is not lost though – Highbrook is closed from January until the end of April, so guess what we’re planning to do.

Eat a lot of brunch.

We kicked off our brunch adventures a couple of weeks ago, and our first one was a resounding success. The restaurant I selected was The Good Earth Bistro.

Good Earth has just started to offer a Sunday Brunch menu, and there are four reasons why it was a fabulous one for us to start with:

  1. There are many, many, things on the menu that I would like to taste.
  2. There are many, many, things that my picky eater Ken would like to taste. This is an amazing feat.
  3. They have matched one of my favourite foods ever with one of my favourite wines ever. A brilliant idea.
  4. Their atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and at home instantly, which makes your meal even better.

The restaurant was starting to fill with fellow brunchers when we arrived.

We were shown to our table, and given the warm welcome that is always part of a visit to The Good Earth.

We glanced over the menu but didn’t need to study it, cause we knew exactly what we were going to have. As you know from this post, menus are carefully studied by Ken before we go to any restaurant.

We started with the Smoked Tomato & Corn Savoury Muffin, made with caramelized onions and basil, served with Niagara Gold cheddar whipped butter.

I love savoury muffins, and you really don’t see them offered very often. Also, just think about that tasty muffin slathered with Niagara Gold cheddar whipped butter. Yum.

The muffin was light and flavourful, and came in a very generous portion. No mini muffins here.

Ken’s second course was Easy Like Sunday Morning  – eggs over easy, smoked ham & brisket hash, crispy potato, Good Earth brown sauce, and potato onion bread 

He loved it.

All through brunch – in between exclamations of delight – he was analyzing the dish, the flavours, the cooking process, wondering if he could make something like it at Highbrook.

He kept asking me for my thoughts, and my ideas. What about if he used this ingredient, and should he make it in this way or that?

Poor guy, I really wasn’t listening. My own brunch choice totally absorbed my attention.

Guess what I had?

The Cellar Sunrise Poutine

This came with smashed & crispy potato, double smoked bacon, country sausage, cheddar, cheese curds, pan gravy, demi glace, and two poached eggs.

Definitely not a low calorie meal. But I adore a good poutine, and this one was glorious.

Look at this gooey, cheesy, forkful.

Ken and I differ in our thoughts about food photography. He likes to see the whole plate in its entirety, so you get an idea of the dish and it’s presentation. Yes, those can be really nice photos, but I love the messy ones.

My favourites are creamy, gooey, cheesy shots. Ones from which you can imagine the taste of perfectly melted cheese and crispy potatoes, with a meaty zing of salt from the bacon.

I’m a sucker for perfectly poached egg shots too.

To make this even better, the suggested wine for this dish was Good Earth’s 2015 Viognier, and it was a perfect match.

If we’ve met in real life and talked wine, you’ve probably heard me constantly casually mention my new-found love for Viognier. But if we haven’t, this clip gives you a taste of what you might be in for.

As I was basking in Viognier bliss, our server asked if we would care for dessert. They sounded tempting, but we were quite full. We will definitely be back for another brunch though, so we knew we could try them another time.

There was one more stop to make before we could head on our way. My Viognier supplies at home were running low, so a visit to the wine shop was necessary.

Mike gave us his usual excellent service and I purchased not only my Viognier, but some 2014 Big Fork Red, and 2013 Cabernet Franc.

By then, we had come to the fork in the road.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

It was a foggy day, and the grounds of The Good Earth were bathed in it’s mystical beauty. Something almost otherworldly about fog, don’t you think?

It was a great start to our adventures in brunching.

If you know of any other brunch spots we should get to, leave me a note in the comments below. I’ve still got several Sundays to feast away before Highbrook re-opens.

And if you need some Sunday Brunch plans yourself, the details for Good Earth’s are here. Trust me, you’ll be glad you went.

As I was.

  • Amelia

    That sounds amazing! I will have to check it out ^_^ My favourite brunch spot is in St Kits – Diner House 29. The food is so spectacular and special, I think you guys will really love it. The owners are Anne and Dave House, lovely people.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Amelia! I’ve heard of Diner House 29, so I’d like to get there soon. Hope you have a great weekend!