Holiday Pizza at OLiV

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I don’t like to cook.

You can imagine what the thought of preparing holiday meals does to me. I always leave the planning to the last minute, hoping that my reliable copy of Nigella Christmas will give me inspiration. Nigella’s writing style always gives me inspiration. But that cooking part? Well, no. And the thought of turkey? Also, no. I’m not a stickler for traditional holiday meals, and I’m not a turkey fan. I’ve done prime rib and beef tenderloin a couple of times for Christmas, which are a bit traditional, but lately my holiday dinners have been varied. One year we had Thai food, one year it was Indian, one year it was just a big whack of assorted hors d’oeuvres to pick at all night. Ken actually asked for hamburgers this year, and though I love a good burger, I drew the line at that.

So guess what we’re having?

Turkey. Don’t laugh.

We’re doing a turkey breast stuffed with mushrooms and sausage, with all the trimmings. Turkey like that sounds like it might actually be very good. Maybe. I’ll let you know.

Aside from the Big Dinner, I like to treat myself to some of my favourite foods over the holidays. I have Roquefort and Triple Creme Brie (heaven) sitting in the fridge. We have a bunch of varied hors d’oeuvres that we’ll have at some point. Ken is making a Tourtière for Christmas Eve, as every ex-Montrealer seems to do. And I placed my order for goodies with the lovely Scratch Bakery ladies.

One of my absolute favourite foods seemed to be missing from the holiday plan though – pizza. We actually make our own pizza a lot of the time. My mom makes the dough, and Ken makes the pizza. He even has one of those fancy pizza paddle things. We take our pizza seriously. But sometimes you don’t want to make it yourself. So when I heard that the OLiV Tasting Room and Restaurant at Strewn Winery had a special every Tuesday for pizza, I had to give it a try. It’s a great deal –  $10 artisanal pizzas every Tuesday, with purchase of beverage. Given that the restaurant is at Strewn, I would definitely be purchasing a beverage. The thing that makes it so great, though, is that they do this every Tuesday – it is not just a holiday special. So though I went with a “Christmas treat” in mind, I can have Christmas in February if I want.

Isn’t that good news?

So last Tuesday we headed over to OLiV.


We arrived close to 2:00 for a leisurely late lunch. A few others had the same idea too. The restaurant space is lovely and comfortable.


There is a lot of light coming in through the big back windows, overlooking a ravine. Even on a grey day there is a lot of light.


Mom and Ken took a look through the menu, but I already knew what I wanted – the Wild Mushroom and Chorizo pizza. Ken chose that one as well, and my Mom got the Mediterranean one. I thought it sounded tasty too, so we decided to share.

But first, I had to start with something from the Tapas menu. I thought there was a lot on the Tapas menu that looked very good, so I will have to go back and sample more tapas one day. This time I started with Spicy Drunken Olives – Olive Oil & Marinated Black & Green Olives with Rosemary & Chili Peppers, finished with OLiV Garlic EVOO. I absolutely adore olives, so was curious to try these. This was accompanied by a glass of Strewn 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.


Both the olives and the wine were very good. Mom and I ate them (Ken is not an olive fan) while we all tried to patiently wait for our pizza.

It was worth the wait.

Here’s the Wild Mushroom & Chorizo


And my Mom’s Mediterranean one


And us getting ready to swap pieces


I really enjoyed both of the pizzas, and would be happy to have them again. So would Mom and Ken. The Steak and Cheese and Rosemary Chicken Bocconcini pizzas sound really good too.

Service was friendly and efficient, and just as I was getting ready to head back for some work, my lunch companions told me I would have to wait. They wanted dessert. Who am I to argue? I’m not a huge dessert eater (I prefer to save my calories for wine) but Mom convinced me to share this decadent treat – the Chocolate Raspberry Brownie.


Raspberry Balsamic Infused Chocolate Brownie with fresh raspberries,  Raspberry Balsamic Sauce, and OLiV Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic.

Gosh it was good. I’m glad I splurged.

Ken chose the Apple Cheddar Pie.


House-Made Apple Pie, with Sharp Cheddar baked right into the crust, served with Vanilla Gelato & Toffee Sauce. He really enjoyed it.

The desserts were an added bonus, but the main reason we went was for the pizza, and we were not disappointed. And the fact that it was only $10? Such a great deal. Delicious food, delicious wine, and a great price that just can’t be beat.

You know where to find me on Tuesdays. After all, I’ve got more pizzas to try.

The restaurant also has other specials during the week, so check their website for all the details. Their olive oils and balsamic vinegars are excellent too. Did you know that the olive oil tasting process is extremely similar to the wine tasting process? If you haven’t done an olive oil tasting with them, you really should. I’m a huge fan of their Peach Balsamic vinegar too – try it drizzled over fruit salad, it’s yummy.

I’ll be keeping the Holiday food theme going tomorrow, talking about a very special event I attended last week.


**This is not a sponsored post, just my own honest opinion on the delicious lunch I had at OLiV!